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Decorative mirror in a roomDecorative Mirrors Expand the Feel of a Room and Add Drama.

Their beauty is a reflection of your design style. Ever thought about using mirrors as a design element rather than just as a functional tool to check your look before you leave the house? Mirrors look beautiful in almost any room, not just the bathroom or entryway. And sometimes they have no function at all; for Example, if they’re composed of lots of small panes or have a distressed surface that’s hard to view a reflection from.

Decorative mirror with a reflectionMirrors Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Frame Styles to Complement Any Décor.

The look of a mirror adds pizazz, while the reflective nature of the glass makes a room appear larger and can also make a room seem lighter and airier.

A Mirror Can Be the Focus of a Room or It Can Be a Point of Side Interest.

Sometimes you don’t even have to hang mirrors on the wall! A very large mirror that goes almost from floor to ceiling can be propped against a wall, but do make sure it’s secure and won’t fall down. You can also group several mirrors to anchor a wall.

Beautiful mirror with lampsThen There’s the Issue of the Frame.

A frame can be the major focal point of a mirror and take up a lot of the square footage or it can be very simple, letting the glass surface be the star. Frames can be made of wood, metal, ceramic, tile, lacquer or stone. Or a mirror can even be frameless.

Think about adding mirrors to your décor this spring. They will literally be a reflection of your own design style!