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A bedroom with rose-colored accents. Shown with Vignette Modern Roman Shades, available at Read Design


A bedroom with rose-colored chair. Shown with Designer Roller Shades; available at Read Design

Rosé is becoming more and more popular as a light and cool beverage option. It’s also a perfect choice to revitalize your interior design plan. This soft color was popular in interior design in the 1980s and called dusty rose, and it’s now gaining popularity as rosé.

This is a soft color part way between red and magenta in hue, and then toned down to a lighter shade. Just like the wine, this decorating color can range from the lightest of pinks to a more hearty shade. Other names for this color are blush, rose pink, light apricot, and peach haze.


Rosé is a smart decorating choice that’s a bit more sophisticated and subtle than more typical pink tones. This subtle shade of pink doesn’t have to look girly or frilly. It’s a smooth tone that works equally well for modern or traditional interiors. Use it as an accent piece to really make a room pop, especially again the neutral colors that are so popular today. Even a piece of art with this color can completely transform a room. It doesn’t have to be grand because the color itself is such a staple of design.

Rosé goes well with many colors including violet, gray, beige, black and white. And it looks fabulous with almost every shade of blue and green, including powder blue, sky blue, mint, sage, forest, teal and acid. You can even pair it with bright red, pink or orange!


A dining room with peach-colored bench. Shown with Parkland wood blinds; available at Read Design

If you’re not sure you’ll like rosé in your home environment, try it for just one element such as:
– A small piece of furniture,
– Slipcovers,
– Throw pillows,
– Bed linens.
Or accent just one wall of a room with this pinkish paint. Add a touch of soft and calming rosé to your interior this season. It’s an intoxicating choice!