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Arched windows add charm and character to your home, but they can offer a particular set of challenges when it comes to privacy and light control. You are definitely limited to only a few options, but the good news is we offer specialty shapes in shades as well as wood products.

Read Design has window treatment solutions for all arched windows, including extended arches, half moon windows, quarter circles, perfect circles, imperfect circles, and eyebrow windows.

Duette® EasyView® Arch
One great option are Duette® Honeycomb Shades with EasyView®Arch. These shades use a revolutionary design that allows you to raise and lower the shade in contrast to most other cellular shades for arched windows, which remain stationary. In addition, the cellular honeycomb fabric runs horizontally in the arch to complement the shade below or in other windows in your room.

This shade is in an arched window. The Hunter Douglas Duette EasyView® Arch shade on the top is fully operable.

Silhouette Arch

Bring the natural light in with the Silhouette Arch. Although these shades are non operable, they filter light beautifully into your room. They are available in either the open or closed position. With the shades following the arch of the window, they compliment the architecture that we love to see with arched windows.
Silhouette® Window Shadings in Living Room