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A large painting provides a focal point in this living room. Shown with Duette Honeycomb Shades, available at Read Design


A large painting determines the color scheme in this living room. Shown with Solera Soft Shades; available at Read Design

Start a room design with just one piece of extraordinary art. The art will transform your room and help you determine the rest of your décor, setting the color scheme and tying all your interior elements together.

First, take time to figure out what kind of artworks you like, rather than purchasing what’s “in” at the time you’re decorating. Art is a long-term investment that you should love since you’ll live with it on your walls for quite awhile.

Visit art galleries, local art shows and museums, and make a point to look at the artwork in your friends’ homes. Note what you think you’d like in your home, and what you wouldn’t.


A living room with large sculpture. Shown with Luminette Privacy Sheers, available at Read Design

The pieces of artwork you select is very personal. It brings emotion and feeling into your home and lets people know something about you. Most often it is hung on a wall above the sofa or fireplace, but you can be creative about where different artworks will look beautiful in your house. Artworks can come in many shapes and sizes that can adapt to almost any room, wall size and shape. Art is a reflection of you so it needs to be something you cherish.

Do think outside the box – and outside the frame! Not all artwork is hung on the wall. Sometimes a substantial piece might be a sculpture, dramatic rug, unusual chandelier or sculptural piece of furniture.


A family room with large painting. Shown with Silhouette Window Shadings; available at Blind Depot in Richardson

Consider your room’s lighting before installing the piece of artwork. Natural light might work just fine, or add track lighting to highlight your works. We often see lights installed over pieces so the drama is really brought out.

Focus on art as the first step so the next time you redecorate a room, you can then plan your room around the piece!