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Read Renovation

completed built in completed built in
Starting this past January we had a wonderful customer in Plano, Texas ask us to help her with a small job to renovate 2 bathrooms and to add some sort of storage in her kitchen area. This would turn out to be a fun project and we all were very happy with how everything looks.
bathroom before bathroom before bathroom during bathroom flooring bathroom flooring bathroom wall tile bathroom reno bathroom after bathroom after bathroom after
For the bathrooms, we just needed to update the builder tile and the floors, shower and tub surround. She also wanted to brighten both bathrooms with a white paint. And we wanted the bathrooms to have their own personality. So deciding on the selections was fun and we really wanted to give the rooms a custom look by installing tile all the way to the ceiling in both the tub and shower. For the shower we also added a seamless glass shower door. We both were pleased with the finished project for both bathrooms.
built in built in built in built in
The really fun project was the extra storage for the Kitchen. We decided to design a piece that would look like a piece of furniture but is really a built in. Our customer wanted us to renovate this and add drawers where she could put all of her paperwork. Since she uses her breakfast table to do paperwork, she wanted a place for all of her supplies including pens, scissors, clips and more.
She also needed storage of her iPad and a charging area for her phone and iPad. Plus she needed a little extra storage for entertaining dishes, glasses and platters. We wanted to include lighting on that wall and make the piece look like it was built when the home was first built.
We found a piece of soapstone to use on the top that looks wonderful with the design of her home. And used a mini tile on the back just for character.  And of course the lighting adds everything. We are very pleased with the final look.
If you are needing a little or big change in your home, give us a call. We renovate! With our home remodeling division of Read Design, Read Renovations, we can help you make your vision come to life. We will be adding more of our remodel projects both large and small to show you how easy it is to make your house the home you desire.
Contact us on either side of the Metroplex!
Plano: 972.608.4999
Southlake: 817.416.7164