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Design the Perfect Space for Video Conferencing.

The right environment brings out your best space.

show off your books

Over the past few months, video calls may have become an integral part of your life, keeping you connected with coworkers, family and friends — and giving others a glimpse into your home. So why not ensure your video-conference background puts you in the best possible light.

Choose a neutral background.

A clean, uncluttered environment with neutral colors ensures the focus stays on you. But don’t be afraid to personalize it with your favorite items:

  • Show off your book collection: Remove the book jackets to reveal the colorful spines or neatly stack them by color.

  • Accessorize with plants or flowers.

  • Display photos, artwork or travel memorabilia.

  • Highlight a concrete or brick wall.

Lighting is everything.

lighting is key

When possible, make the most of natural light. You can also position lamps right in front of you or off to the side by no more than 45 degrees. (If the light is overhead or directly behind you, it will cast a shadow over your face.) Some possible setups could include:

  • Facing a window

  • A desk lamp, light bar or ring light to the sides of you

  • An additional light source behind you, off camera, to add depth

Adjust your computer height.

Raise your computer screen

By positioning your camera slightly above eye level, you eliminate an unwanted double chin and create a more flattering angle. You can even use books or boxes to stack your device, since no one will see them. For that matter, remove any unnecessary clutter and place it out of sight behind your computer. While some setups work better in 2D than in real life, view your space on your computer screen to ensure the perfect look.