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While hanging your artwork might seem like the logical way to display it, perhaps you don’t want to put holes in your walls or you’ve run out of wall space. But if you look around your home with a creative eye, you’ll likely find many other ways you can display your art.

  • Lean it against the wall.
    Setting artwork on the floor and leaning it against the wall not only looks casual chic, but it’s also a great way to hide unsightly cords or cable boxes.


  • Create a furniture display.
    Use an artsy stepladder, tree stump stool, or another piece of furniture to highlight your art.


A room with a large painting sitting on top of a sideboard and leaning agains the wall.
Lean your art against the wall.


  • Use a floor/table combo.
    Start by leaning a few pieces of art on the floor against the wall and then accent them with complementary pieces on a table above it.
  • Create a shelf display.
    Shelves aren’t just for books! Create a display using a larger piece of artwork toward the back of the shelf and smaller pieces in front.
  • Place it on an easel.
    If you really love your artwork, why not showcase it on an actual easel! For smaller pieces, a tabletop easel may be all you need.



A room with a sideboard and a piece of art sitting on top.
Use furniture to highlight a piece of art.


  • Search for ledges.
    Try to find overhangs, ledges, windowsills, or a mantle where you can prop up your art.

If you want to display your artwork on the wall but just can’t commit to using nails, you can find a variety of adhesives that won’t damage your paint. But don’t dismiss other less-expected options that will give your home a uniquely stylish look.


Alt Text
Prop up your art on the fireplace mantle.