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How to Select the Right Nightstand

How to Select the Right Nightstand


With so many styles of nightstands, choosing the right kind can feel like a daunting process. Should you go for modern or classic? Minimalist or heavier pieces with shelves and drawers? And how tall should they be?

The features you pick will depend largely on the size of your room, the size of your bed and how much room you need for storage.

Here’s a simple guide for choosing the right nightstands for you:

  • Height
    In general, nightstands should be as high as the top of your mattress (or just an inch or two taller). This will make it easiest to reach for items when you’re lying in bed.
  • Storage
    If you want a place to store remotes, books or other small items, think about nightstands with more storage space — built-in cabinets or drawers will best conceal clutter.
A bedroom with a wooden nightstand and integrated shelf for books.
Consider a nightstand with built-in shelves to store books and other small items.


More to consider:
  • Style
    Consider your existing bedroom décor. For a more modern look, think about slim, elegant styles with clean lines — you could even build small shelves directly onto the wall. Larger, classic wood pieces would work well with a more traditional room.
  • Symmetry
    Ideally, if you have room, a nightstand on either side of your bed offers a balanced, cohesive look. (And according to feng shui, it can also increase your relationship luck!) But they don’t have to match exactly as long as you have a design element, like matching lamps, pulling them together.

Before you purchase your nightstands, measure your space to ensure they’ll fit comfortably. And if they have drawers, make sure they’re easy to open and close without making much noise.

The right nightstands will not only pull your room together, they’ll help you get a great night’s sleep.

A bedroom with nightstands on both side of the bed.
Add nightstands on both sides of your bed for a balanced look.