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window blinds Southlake, TX

When you buy a home, what you see isn’t always what you get. You are going to want to make certain of certain things so you know exactly what you get. As a home seller, you want to be clear about things, too. What happens with the window blinds Southlake, TX, for example? You are going to want to be clear in either direction so people on both sides are going to understand what is happening where the window coverings are concerned.

If You’re Selling…

When you sell a home, you place a certain price on it and you’d love to get the price. There might be certain concessions you have to make along the way and things the home buyer might want you to leave or do before they agree to make an offer and follow through with things.

Leaving The Blinds Can Raise Home Value

You could stipulate upfront that the blinds you have in place are staying with the home. That can be a benefit to the buyer as it’s one less thing they have to purchase when they move in. When you let the potential buyers know that the blinds are included in no uncertain terms, it can help them to make the deal knowing all of the options.

The Blinds May Not Fit Your New Home

Keep in mind that if you take your blinds down and move them with you to another home, they might not fit the new windows. Some windows are standard sizes and others are customized. When you move blinds from one house to another, they might not fit the new windows, and moving them was a waste of your time.

You Could Use The Blinds As A Negotiation Tactic

You could leave the blinds off of the ‘included’ list and use that as a tactic to negotiate. If the buyer says they want them, you can say okay, but then ask for a bit higher price. It can help you to sell the home in the right way.

If You’re Buying…

When you buy a home, you want to make sure you get everything you want and need for your family. That might include the window blinds.

The Blinds Could Be Included Automatically, Unless Stated Otherwisewindow blinds Southlake, TX

Blinds are often included, but not always. You will want to check with the realtor to make certain the blinds are something you can get with the deal before you decide either way.

They Already Suit The Home’s Style

When there are already blinds in place, they often match the look of the home. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to take that project on right away and already have something that works.

They Make The Home Move-In Ready

You can move right into the home when the blinds are left behind and that can help you to concentrate on organizing your things instead of taking on new projects.

Eventually, if you need window blinds Southlake, TX, have a consultation with professionals.