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window shades in Frisco, TX

Your home is going to age, no matter how well you maintain it. And there are certain things that are going to need to be replaced over the years. You can get new window shades in Frisco, TX when you need them, but how can you tell when it’s time? Here are a few signs that you should get new window shades for your home.

The Shades Let Air Through

Shades can serve a lot of purposes, and one of them is to block any air that tries to get through to your home. Shades are made from fabric materials and they can help to give your home further efficiency. When your shades are worn and the air is getting through, it might be time to replace those coverings. New shades won’t let the air through and they can help to restore efficiency and comfort to your home.

Light Comes In Whenever It Wants

Window shades can help you to block light when you want it out of the home. Whether you want to take a nap during the day or watch a movie without too much light, the shades should block those things from coming in. But if you close your shades and light comes in anyway, it might be time to replace things. You can get new shades, perhaps even room-darkening shades, that will block the light and let you have the darkness you want when you want it.

The Fabrics Are Fading

Shades are made from fabric and they take a lot of direct sunlight, especially since they are often trying to block that sun out of your house. Fabric can fade over the years and if that has happened to your shades, it might be time to get something new and fresh. You can get whatever fabric you want and make your home look nice once again. The fading fabric never looks good, after all.

The Cords Are Brokenwindow shades in Frisco, TX

Shades often open and close with cords and if those cords are broken, it can be hard to get them to do their job of raising and lowering. Cords can also be dangerous, especially when they are broken. You are going to want to get something new, perhaps even a cordless version, or something that raises and lowers with an app for even more convenience.

The Device Is Hard To Open And Close

Even if the cords aren’t broken, the shades might be hard to open and close—also not a good sign. They can get old and brittle and that can keep them from doing their job. You want something you can raise and lower with ease and you can certainly do that when you get window shades that have all-new parts.

When you are thinking about getting new window shades in Frisco, TX, feel free to call the professionals and see what they have to say about your old shades and whether or not you need new ones. They can give you advice about what might work well for your home.