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We Offer Furniture Re-Upholstery in Plano, TX

In addition to interior design consultations and installations, Read Design Window Fashions re-upholsters well-loved sofas, chairs, and loveseats, restoring them to their former glory and rethinking them entirely. Maybe you’ve inherited a Victorian-style ottoman that just doesn’t mesh with your sensibilities. Let us transform it into a 1960s-esque, chic conversation piece. Don’t throw away that sturdy antique armchair. Just because the upholstery is faded, torn, and stained doesn’t mean it’s lost. Our professionals can give it a little love and presto, you have a new chair. For expert furniture re-upholstery, call Plano, TX’s Read Design Window Fashions today.

Furniture Re-Upholstery in Plano, TX

Discover the Benefits of a Re-Upholstered Piece

Re-upholstering a piece of furniture can pay enormous dividends. Our knowledgeable team takes special care of each item that comes through our doors. You might have something worthy of re-upholstering if:

  • It was built with quality workmanship: You can tell a well-built couch or chair from a cheap one the moment you sit on it. A well-constructed sofa is well worth re-upholstering.
  • It has sentimental value: Sentiment plays a huge role in whether you have a piece re-upholstered. If your mother’s old armchair has seen better days, it’s well worth it to have that issue rectified.
  • There is antique value: Antiques can sell for a lot. If you have a rocking chair and you’re looking to restore and sell it, Read Design Window Fashions can help you make the best decision regarding fabric.

Contact Our Team to Get Started on Your New Project

Re-upholstery is a way to hold onto precious memories from childhood, salvaging your grandmother’s rocking chair, or turning a cheap Goodwill find into a one-of-a-kind loveseat. Re-upholstery is like buying a completely new piece of furniture—without the cost! To learn more about our re-upholstering services, contact us today.

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