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Silhouettes by Hunter Douglas obstructing daylight We are so pleased with our Silhouette installation in North Dallas. Our customer’s Dining Room faces east so that harsh morning sun comes in without remorse. She is not someone who loves shutters because of the way they close in space, so we suggested Silhouettes by Hunter Douglas in the 4″ vane size for the maximum amount of light to come through. As you can see, this window is on the front of the house, so privacy was a concern. One of the benefits of the Silhouette Shade is that it offers daytime privacy. Because of the way the sheers interact, they create a distortion so the view from the inside isn’t obstructed, while the view from the outside is completely distorted.

Hunter Douglas makes a Silhouette arch that goes right above the Silhouette shade. The arch can be made in either the open or closed position and is not operable. The best way to get it, we believe, is in the open position so it looks beautiful and filters the light inwards. Next, we will be adding drapery panels to the sides of the window to finish the look.