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What does the favorite button do on my PowerView Pebble Remote?

A “favorite” position can be created and set for every PowerView motorized window treatment in the home. The favorite button is a quick and easy way to send shades to preset position(s) from a single press.

Can I use my new PowerView Pebble Remote to operate my PowerRise 2.1 shades that I previously purchased?

The new PowerView components use a different communication method from the previous Platinum Technology platform and cannot be used to control older Hunter Douglas products.

How many shades can I control using the PowerView Pebble Remote or PowerView Surface Remote?

A PowerView Remote can be used to operate six shades individually or hundreds of shades as a group, as long as the shades can receive commands from the remote.

How long is the warranty for the motor in my PowerView Shades?

Warranty for motors is 5 years.

What if my pet rips the sheers on my Silhouettes?

Unfortunately, accidents are not covered under warranty.

How long does it take to get my shades installed?

From the time we place the order, it takes about 10-14 business to get the shades delivered and installed.

Can I measure and install the shades you order?

Yes, you can measure and install, but you relieve Read Design of all liability.

Do you charge for installation?

Yes, we do charge for installation depending on what type of window coverings you purchase.

Can I order shades and draperies for my home in phases?

Yes, we will keep your measurements on file. Some clients work with us for a year before the project is complete.

Do I need an internet connection to set up the PowerView App to control my shades?

No, an internet connection is not necessary.

What is the PowerView Pebble Scene Controller?

The PowerView Pebble Scene Controller works in conjunction with the PowerView Hub to quickly navigate and activate your personalized list of scenes.

How does the Dust Shield work?

Each Modern Precious Metals finish has Dust Shield, a proprietary composition, embedded in the paint of the slats. This paint has a special anti-static characteristic that helps repel dust, in turn, prohibiting dust buildup.

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