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Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Read Design Window Fashions Offers High-End Window Sheers & Shading

Window sheers and shading are a way to create the ultimate mod in any room. Diffusing the light ever so slightly, they work to provide protection for your furniture, artwork, hardwood floors, and more from harmful UV rays. They are some of the most versatile window treatment options available for homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and also provide your rooms with elegance and a sense of luxury. If privacy is what you are looking for in your new window treatments, then sheers and shadings can provide the maximum amount of protection with the plethora of opaqueness options.

Call today to set up your in-store consultation with our trusted interior designers. You can rely on them to not only offer recommendations to meet your style and function needs, but take measurements and handle the installation of well-crafted Hunter Douglas products as well. We have worked hard turning houses into homes from our Southlake and Plano, TX offices these past two decades. Trust our experience and skill when hiring us to create exquisite window treatments in your home. We have plenty of options to choose from when you are creating the dream atmosphere and will help you achieve the perfect aesthetic within your home.

Are Sheers & Shades the Right Choice for Your DFW Home?

In our 25 years of creating window treatments, we have found many homeowners appreciate the versatility in light offered from sheers and shading. You can either open them fully allowing in the most amount of natural sunlight or keep them closed to create a glow throughout the house. Still not sure if sheers and shading are right for your home? Consider the other benefits Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings can bring to your living, bed, dining room, and more throughout the house.

Benefits of Window Sheers & Shades:


Privacy options: Sheers and shadings offer a cozy amount of light in while giving your room full privacy. Many other window treatments can’t give your space this type of balance and offer only one or the other. With many options of fabrics to choose from, you can create the perfect atmosphere and let just the right amount of light into the room.

Protect your furniture and more: UV rays from the sun can be detrimental to your furniture and hardwood floors by fading them quicker than anticipated. Fully closed sheers and shadings provide 99 percent protection from those harmful rays and add years of life to the hardware in your house.

Motorized opening and closing controls: Protect your children and pets from the dangling and twisted cords of traditional drawstrings when raising and lowering your sheers and shadings. Now, thanks to the technological advancements of Hunter Douglas products, you can control your window coverings with a remote or even your voice on select smart home devices.

Upscale aesthetics: Hunter Douglas has created some of the most exquisite sheers and shadings to provide each room they are installed with an elevated sense of elegance and luxury. The glow provided helps illuminate the entire room without irritating sunlines often caused by traditional blinds and shutters.

Choose from Hunter Douglas’ Sheers and Shades

Hunter Douglas is known for providing high quality window covering options, which is why the experts at Read Design Window Fashions have chosen to offer our customers their window sheers and shadings. For 25 years we have been a trusted name, so it was only right we decided to partner with the best in the industry. When you are looking for elegant and stylish options for your new window treatments, consider one the preferred sheers or shades from Hunter Douglas.


Silhouette Window Shades_sitting room

Silhouette® Window Shades

If you are looking for privacy and light in the same room, then trust our interior designers when they suggest Silhouette® Window Shades. This window treatment from Hunter Douglas provides this luxury and more. You can decide how much or how little of each you want with the unique combination of front and back sheers. Depending on the fabric chosen to match your decor, you could have up to 88 percent protection from UV rays. The Alustra® Collection of Silhouette gives you plenty of choices when it comes to colors, textures, fabrics, and even hardware.

Pirouette Window Shades_Shantung_Office

Pirouette® Window Shades

If you are looking for something more straight-forward and clean in design, the Pirouette® Window Shades from Hunter Douglas is the perfect choice. The bold fabrics and colors make it easy when deciding the level of opaqueness you want to achieve in the room. They also utilize the innovative technology of Invisi-Lift™ giving your window treatment a floating appearance while it rests on a single level of sheer backing. With no cords or tapes, you can maximize your viewing while closed. We can also pair it with an aesthetically pleasing headrail for when you want it completely raised and out of sight.

Luminette Privacy Sheer_Stria_Living Room

Luminette® Privacy Sheer

If you are looking for a vertical sheer and shading for sliding glass doors, Hunter Douglas has you covered with the Luminette® Privacy Sheer. These window treatments are able to rotate up to 180 degrees, giving you the most sunlight and privacy controls of any other sheers and shading. All fabrics, textures, and colors come with the option to add a room-darkening feature. It can be difficult to match the fabrics chosen for your window treatment project. When working with Read Design Window Fashions, you don’t need to worry about that because our interior designers can get your sheer and shading fabric in cut yardage. This makes it possible to accent with pillows and duvets using the same material as your new window treatment!

Call Read Designs for an In-Home Consultation

When you are ready to update your home with new window treatments, call the interior designers at Read Design Window Fashions. For almost three decades, we have helped homeowners find the perfect option to match their aesthetic, privacy, and sunlight control needs. Visit one of our two offices in Southlake or Plano, TX to discuss your project. We will send out one of our trusted designers to make sure all your needs are met.

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