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Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Read Design Window Fashions Supplies Wood & Metal Blinds

When you are looking for the highest quality of materials for your home’s window coverings, trust the interior designers at Read Design Window Fashions. We have helped many homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area over the past 25 years decide whether they should choose wood or metal blinds when styling their homes. Another added benefit to hiring our professionals is our selection of Hunter Douglas blinds. They use only the highest quality materials to meet all your light and privacy needs, while matching each room’s style and design.

Whether it is your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or any other room needing new wood or metal blinds, our professional interior designers can help you find the right window treatments. Call today to request an in-store consultation. Our designers will work closely with you to go over all of your needs and desires for new window treatments to help you decide on the best option for your home, be it wood or metal blinds, or something else entirely. They can also help decide which headrail coverings and shades to pair with your new blinds to provide a complete look for any room. Once you have chosen your desired window treatment, our team will perform all measurements and installations.

Should You Choose Wood or Metal Blinds for Your Home?

Choosing between wood and metal blinds ultimately comes down to the aesthetic you have chosen for your new room. Both have amazing qualities and can enrich any room in your home. Thanks to Hunter Douglas using only the highest quality wood, faux or real, or aluminum for their luxurious blinds, you just need to decide if you are going for a traditional, classic, or rustic style. While all are easy to maintain and clean, each option can provide different benefits for your space.


Hunter Douglas Aluminum Blinds_Bathroom

Real Wood: Offers natural beauty and an organic feel. They also create a warmth you can’t get from metal blinds. These blinds can offer a richness thanks to the many different finishes and wood colors you can select. If appropriately taken care of, these durable blinds can last for many years in your home, and even add to the resale value.

Faux Wood: Since this window treatment option is made of PVC, it offers durability, moisture protection, and ease of cleaning. You can simply use a dust cloth to wipe off dirt and dust. Since it’s manufactured, the color you choose is consistent through every blind, unlike its real counterpart which is individually crafted. Read Design Window Fashions can install this window treatment in any room you choose, but it is especially nice in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages since it won’t warp in high-humidity spaces.

Metal: If you are looking for elegance, then look no further than metal blinds. They bring high-end sophistication to any room in your home. They are also incredibly easy to care for, needing only a quick dusting every few weeks. Metal blinds are also great for high-traffic homes because they can stand up to daily wear and tear. Hunter Douglas provides many customizable options to help match your décor.

Luxurious Wood & Metal Blinds from Hunter Douglas

When you work with Hunter Douglas wood and metal blinds, it all comes down to your choice of style. DFW homeowners can count on them to use high-quality materials in their craftsmanship and our professional interior designers to find the perfect window treatment to match any sunlight, privacy, and design needs. Read Design Window Fashions carries a plethora of faux, wood, and metal blinds to make sure your room meets all of your requirements.

Hunter Douglas Wood & Metal Blinds:  


EverWood Alternative Wood Blinds_Faux Wood_Living Room

EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds

If you are looking for wood blinds in your bathroom, kitchen, or other high-humidity room, consider EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds. These provide the look and feel of real wood without the dangers and general upkeep. They will last much longer since they won’t warp, fade, or yellow over time. Plus, all of the slats will be a consistent color since they are manufactured. Hunter Douglas’ de-Light™ feature also blocks more sunlight than other options because they remove the cord holes allowing for 50 percent more sunlight to be blocked a the room.

Modern Precious Metals_Standard Cordlock_Aluminum Blinds_Bathroom

Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds

Hunter Douglas’ sleekest design for window treatments is their metal option, Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds. You have the ability to match them to any style you choose thanks to their multitude of finishes and textures. If your room sees a lot of adventure and rough housing from animals and children, then these are the best choice. They are created from an exclusive, spring-tempered alloy allowing them to withstand normal wear and tear. These metal blinds also feature the de-Light™ option when looking for optimal privacy.

parkland wood blinds_Standard Cordlock_Basswood

Parkland® Wood Blinds

For an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option, choose Parkland® Wood Blinds. This window treatment is created from wood in responsibly managed forests. For each set purchased, Hunter Douglas donates to the Arbor Day Foundation® for their efforts in preserving trees and the rain forest. You can choose from a wide variety of finishes to match your style. These wood blinds feature excellent light control and privacy. You can even look through them without raising them.

Call Read Design Window Fashions for Hunter Douglas Blinds

Our professionals offer suggestions and are with you throughout the entire process to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your selected window treatment material. They will help you meet all of your design goals to ensure all needs and wants are met with your new window treatments. Not only can you accomplish your goals, but you can do so with elegance and a sense of luxury. When you are ready to get professional help from the interior designers at Read Design Window Fashions, please visit our Southlake or Plano, TX office.

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