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Read Design Window Fashions Supplies Roman Shades in DFW

Read Design Window Fashions is your source for luxury roman shades in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As a proud Hunter Douglas Gallery dealer with locations in Plano and Southlake, TX, we supply a wide range of high-end window treatments that are sure to add a sense of elegance to your home. Our friendly staff will help you understand the differences among our fabric roman shades and window coverings, while also explaining how they are beneficial for your home. We even provide in-home consultations and expertly install window shades for your house. Contact us today to learn more about our variety of roman shades and how they can add style and grace to your home.

The Function and Sophistication of Luxurious Roman Shades

Roman shades are one of the most popular styles of window coverings. Available in several different types, fabric roman shades feature soft drapes that produce crisp folds when lifted. Homeowners can easily raise or lower roman shades using a cord or motorized system that evenly stacks horizontal folds as they retract to allow additional light into your living areas. The convenience of raising and lowering your roman shades enables you to appreciate the sunrise on a warm Texas morning but also enjoy a cozy night on the couch free of glare from the neighborhood street light. With their elegant, traditional look, roman shades by Hunter Douglas elicit a sophisticated feel among homeowners and guests alike.

Different Types of Roman Shades in Plano, TX

Roman shades come in a variety of styles, differing based on the way the fabric folds. While each is an efficient, luxurious addition to any den or living room, you may find that one best suits your home’s aesthetic. The four main types of fabric roman shades include:


  • Standard flat fold – Homeowners who want a roman shade with a contemporary look are thrilled with this style. When it is lowered completely, the window shade appears flat. However, it retracts into a neat bunch of folds similar to cellular shades when it is raised.
  • Plain fold – A plain fold adds texture and body to your window treatment. The fold is visible at all times but becomes more pronounced when raised.
  • Soft fold – Otherwise known as the hobbled fold, this style maintains a straight edge along its bottom but offers soft, round folds. This is the most robust-looking type of roman shade.
  • European fold – This type is sometimes called a relaxed fold and does not include a rod sewn into its bottom. Lacking a rod causes the European fold roman shade to drape in a natural curve.

Why You Should Choose Roman Shades for Your Home

Roman shades are desirable for a multitude of reasons, including flexibility, functionality, ease of use, and beauty. They are perfect for your home in Dallas-Fort Worth because they are versatile and come in a wide range of styles. Among the top reasons for choosing roman shades for your home are:


Roman Shades in Plano, TX
  • Appearance – Read Design Window Fashions has roman shades made by Hunter Douglas in all types of fabrics, styles, colors, and patterns. Regardless of your current décor, we can help you find a roman shade that will match perfectly.
  • Style – Fabric roman shades have stood the test of time and are still a trendy window treatment option. You do not have to worry about roman shades feeling dated.
  • Convenience – While many types of window coverings can be challenging to maneuver, install, raise, or lower, roman shades are an easy, practical option.
  • Customizable – Whatever you can conceive in your mind can be created. If you have a combination of fabric, style, and fold in mind that you do not see at one of our showrooms, let us know. Chances are, we can create and customize the roman shade you envision.
  • Size – Roman shades do not take up as much physical space as traditional drapery, saving you precious decorating room.

How to Determine if Roman Shades Are Right for You

The versatility that roman shades provide makes them suitable for most homes and living spaces. In addition to the many benefits of fabric roman shades, there are numerous ways to hang, mount, or present the window coverings in your home. They are ideal for homeowners and interior designers who appreciate a luxurious, contemporary feel that does not overpower the room’s existing decorations.

The staff at Read Design Window Fashions is happy to address any concerns or questions you have about roman shades. We recognize they may not always be great for households with pets who like to climb or for people who want window coverings that create a fully dark environment. Bring factors like that to our attention. We will help you find an option that satisfies your needs.

Options Among Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

Read Design Window Fashions has a host of different roman shades crafted by Hunter Douglas. They are each on display in our showrooms in Plano and Southlake, TX. All of them can be created using various fabrics, colors, and opacities. Visit us to discuss your style and peruse the following:

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades in Plano, TX

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

This classic style has consistent folds and is void of exposed rear cords. As a result, your windows will be safer and uncluttered. Vignette® modern roman shades are an ideal low-maintenance choice.

Design Studio™ Roman Shades in Plano, TX

Design Studio™ Roman Shades

We offer this option in three different styles using any number of sumptuous fabrics. Customers often combine these window coverings with side panels and custom drapery.

We Will Assist Through Your Roman Shades’ Installation

Though it is not overly complex to install roman shades in your Dallas-Fort Worth home, you should rely on the professionals at Read Design Window Fashions to aid in the process. We offer free in-store consultations to help ensure your choice of window covering is perfect. There are myriad factors to consider, including how much light you want to block, how frequently you will use your roman shades, and what kind of mounting option would work best. During our visit, we can accurately measure your windows to guarantee the roman shades you receive fit your home perfectly. We will also explain the benefits of inside or outside mounts depending on your windows’ trim and ceiling height as well as your lighting desires. We are happy to install all of our Hunter Douglas products so you can rest assured things are done correctly.

Visit A Read Design Window Fashions Showroom Today

Read Design Window Fashions has two convenient showrooms, one in Plano, TX and one in Southlake, TX. Upon visiting either, you will be greeted by our friendly team of interior designers and window treatment experts. Let us know your needs, desires, and current setup so we can help you create a luxurious interior for your home using Hunter Douglas roman shades. Call or stop by either of our locations today.

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