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Hunter Douglas Window Treatment

Achieve Elegance with Designer Banded Shades


Designer Banded Shades in Plano, TX

Designer banded shades from Hunter Douglas can improve any home’s interior design. These shades offer not only an elegant style with their design, but also the ability to control the natural light source for any room. They combine solid and sheer to allow as little or as much sunlight into your room while looking great at any setting. The professional design experts at Read Design Window Fashions can help you decide which color and design will match your room and needs for privacy and light control. These designer banded shades go from open to closed in a seamless transition. We also offer an array of headrail coverings to complete the visual appeal of this window treatment option.

For more than two decades, we have been helping those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area from our Southlake and Plano, TX showrooms find the perfect interior design solutions for their homes and offices. Windows are a main focal point for any room, and we understand what window treatments work to help emphasize your chosen style and desired look. This is why we offer luxurious and elegant Hunter Douglas window coverings. We offer many styles of roller shades to choose from for your dining, family, living rooms, and more. Call us today to request an in-store consultation and let us help you find the perfect designer banded shades to match.


Current Designer Banded Roller Shade Operating Systems

Our designer banded shades come with many different operating systems to help their faultless changeover. Allow the perfect amount of sunlight in or switch to privacy mode to prevent anyone from seeing into your home. Our shades come in many different shapes to add appeal and colors to meet your artistic decisions with both room-darkening and light-filtering opacities. Below are some of the different operating systems we have for the Hunter Douglas designer banded shades available in our showroom:


PowerView®: If you have certain times of the day you want your shades open to allow in sunlight, you can set a schedule with the PowerView® operating system. You can use this feature to entertain guests or get your plants the nutrients they need. Using your tablet, smartphone, or the Pebble® Remote you can also control them while you are at home and without using tangled strings.

UltraGlide®: Long, dangling cords are a thing of the past, thanks to the UltraGlide® operating system. Your cord stays the exact same length while lowering or raising your designer roller blinds from Hunter Douglas. Outside of providing you with no tangled mess, these are designed to provide your home with a safer option for pets and children. There is also a wand option attached to the retractable string for additional safety.

SoftTouch®: The motorization operating system within the SoftTouch® design roller shades is the ideal option for houses with pets and kids. The ease and simplicity of the touch-and-go operation of either pulling or pushing the wand allows you to decide how much light or privacy you need for any room.

Continuous Cord Loop: If you are looking for a more manual option without having the mess of tangled cords or when a wand doesn’t fit your needs, the Hunter Douglas continuous cord loop operating system is for you. This pulley system is based on a rotating clutch operation to raise and lower your designer roller shades.

Shade Shapes and Fabrics in Plano, TX

Designer Banded Shade Shapes and Fabrics to Consider

Hunter Douglas designer banded shades come in many designs to help you achieve your ultimate look for any room in your home. They are also able to fit many different window shapes to accommodate those rooms. Whether you have bay or corner windows, patio, French, or sliding-glass doors, our roller shades are able to be fitted to their exact shape. They can also be outfitted with various operating systems for your ease of comfort. The interior designers at Read Design Window Fashions are able to assist you in finding the perfect fabric to help your room reach its full potential. The bands come in different sizes, ranging from small to large. If you don’t like the alternating sheer and solid combination, there is also a geometric pattern option to offer even more visual appeal to your space.

Call Read Design Window Fashions in Plano & Southlake

The professional design experts at Read Design Window Fashions are here to help you get the room you want and deserve. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an entire house, or designing a new office, we are here to help. With the beautiful designer roller shades from Hunter Douglas, we can accomplish this easily. We have offices in Southlake and Plano, TX to assist those living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

The Hunter Douglas designer banded shades are able to cover large windows with ease and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics, and colors. We provide recommendations, take measurements, and install all products.

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