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Decorative moldings on windowsDecorative Moldings Can Help Frame Your Home Design Plan.

They’re the perfect finishing touch for windows, doors, walls, and ceilings.

Decorative moldings on walls, windows, doors, and ceilings add texture and interest to your home, no matter what your design style.

Moldings come in so many shapes, sizes, and finishes. They can consist of one simple layer or several stacked layers to add embellishment. Traditionally moldings have been made of wood, but today they’re often constructed from materials that look like wood but are more durable and budget-friendly.

Decorative moldingsMolding usually works best when it complements the design of your home; for example, a Victorian home may have heavily ornamented moldings, while a modern home has squared, simple moldings or no moldings at all. We tend to think of moldings in white or off-white colors, with walls painted a different shade. However, light colored walls with dark molding can be a dramatic choice too! Just consider your options:

  • Casing around the entire window frame
  • An apron on the bottom
  • A pediment on the top
  • The decorative or fluted design on the sides
Doors (Both Exterior and Interior):
  • Casing around the sides and/or tops
  • Raised paneling on the door itself
Decorative moldings for doorWalls:
  • Baseboards at floor level
  • Crown molding at ceiling level
  • Raised paneling, possibly with wallcoverings or mirrors in insets
  • Wainscotting and picture rails, with the choice of different paints or wallcoverings above and below
  • Paneling around a fireplace or built-in shelving
  • Wall paneling behind a bed instead of a headboard
  • Stepped paneling going up a stairway
  • Around chandeliers in the dining room or foyer

Decorative moldings can help shape your décor. They’re like adding just the right accessories to a beautiful outfit!