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A living room with an interesting table lamps.


Too often lamps become an afterthought to an interior design project when we’re exhausted from planning other details. In reality, they’re the perfect finish to a room because they create a feeling of warmth and atmosphere. It can be important to focus on a lamp for a beautifully completed room decor. A bedroom with table lamps that adds glow to the room. Shown with Solera Soft Shades, available at Blind Depot in Richardson.

Function is definitely key to selecting the perfect lamp since different types of lamps and light bulbs provide various qualities of light. Work with a pro to help plan your entire lighting scheme, which often includes recessed lighting, hanging lights, lamps and more.

The style, color, shape and materials of a lamp should complement the style of your décor. A lamp may add a distinctive touch that stands out and becomes a focal point, or they can fit into the background. The choice is yours. A lamp can be traditional or modern, masculine or feminine, and embellished or clean in look.

A lamp definitely adds a feeling of warmth and atmosphere to your home.

A living room seating area with interesting floor lamps between two easy chairs. Shown with Vignette Modern Roman Shades, available at Blind Depot.

Think of all the places you can add a beautiful lamp:
– A dining room buffet
– A foyer console table
– A bedroom nightstand or dresser
– An end table or side table in the living room or great room
– The vanity in a powder room
– The desk in a home office
Of course, not all lamps perch on a table-like surface in your home. A floor lamp adds a beautiful mix, sitting next to almost any piece of furniture in almost any room. Just remember not to put your floor lamp too close to passageways.Focus on updating your lamp lighting this season to create a brilliant fashion statement and additional lighting. Place your floor lamp next to Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades (see picture above) for added beauty!
Visit our Plano showroom for a wide selection of lamps! If we don’t have something in our showroom that you love, we also special order and can find anything for any style and personality.