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How It Started

We love it when we have a customer who used us to help with window coverings in their new home ask us for Interior Design help. For Betty, whose new home is in Celina, Texas, we installed shutters for the windows in the front and Roller Shades made by Hunter Douglas everywhere else. Then she realized she was stuck and asked for our help. She has a large “open concept” living, dining, and kitchen area. She wants a design that reflected their lifestyle which is casual and cozy. So we put together a design plan.

How We Pulled The Design Together.

She and I got started with the living area centered around their fireplace. We used 2 of these interesting chests on either side of the fireplace. Instead of over the fireplace, we put the television above one of the chests so it would be at a more comfortable height for viewing . She had a pair of chairs that I really liked, and were comfortable. They just needed to be reupholstered. So we found a fabric we love and used it as inspiration for her design. Our color scheme, black and white with an accent of green.
Beautifully Designed Table in Plano, TX  Interior Design for Living Room in Plano, TX Gray Upholstered Chair in Plano, TX
Betty purchased a brown leather sofa. On one side we put the black and white chairs and on the other side be used a gray upholstered chair and threw a black and white textured pillow in it. We also used a 9 x 13 rug in neutral and gray. The finishing touches are all that is left. Textured Pillows, a tray for the cocktail table, black pot with greenery, lamps, Black framed mirror and for a natural element- a piece of driftwood. Betty is thrilled, but we have a few more pieces to find!
Cocktail Table in Living Room Interior Design Services in Plano, TX  Textured Pillows in Plano, TX

What Is Next.

Our next project will be painting Betty’s dining room chairs a medium gray color and then upholstering the seats in a black and white fabric. I am thinking about adding this natural centerpiece. What do you think?
Decor Designs for Dining Room
We are off to a good start and it has been a lot of fun.
Give us a call for your interior design needs!
Read Design has two showrooms in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. One in Plano and the other is Southlake. We are ready to help you the window coverings for your home including introducing you to PowerView Automation to add to your Smart Home System. Also we can help you with the Interior Design of your home whether it is the whole house, one room , or just pulling a space together with accessories. We’ll be here to help!