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Spruce up your Fireplace - Design Ideas from Read Design
A beautiful fireplace can become the centerpiece of the room.

Create a warm, cozy experience

A fireplace adds beauty to a home, in addition to adding emotional warmth and, yes, physical heat! With a little carefully planned TLC, your hearth can become the centerpiece of your home, no matter what the style of your house, from traditional to modern, and formal to casual.

Many elements create beauty in this area of your home, from the style and material of the fireplace and chimney to the design of the mantel and hearth, and even the décor and furniture near your fireplace.

A relaxing living room with fireplace.
For relaxing and warming up, place comfortable seating near it.
Mix and match fireplace materials to add interest.
Consider a mix of materials, such as flat and ledger panel stone tile.

Things to consider:– Choose from a variety of materials – stone, tile, cement, brick, paint and more.

– For relaxing and warming up, place big comfortable chairs or low ottomans near it, or place giant floor pillows nearby.

– For a unique look, purchase an antique wood or stone carved mantel and surround.

– As an option, don’t have a mantle at all! A fireplace can look beautiful with the brick, wood or stone extending to the ceiling.

– Hang a beautiful piece of art or a mirror over the fireplace – or position your flat screen TV here! Your TV can even be installed behind a remote-controlled piece of artwork.– For both function and beauty, add a unique screen and even some interesting looking tools.

– Highlight your space in the summer months too, by adorning the inside or edges of your fireplace with live or artificial plants or a beautiful arrangement of candles.

Hang a beautiful piece of art over the fireplace.
Hang a beautiful piece of art over it.