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Decorating with Curves; shown with Pirouette window shadings. Home Design Ideas from Read Design
Think outside of the box, and add curved design elements to your home!

Soften your interior design with curves.

Most home interiors have lots of straight lines and square – or almost square – corners. Hint: consider the shape of your tables, countertops, chairs, artwork, rugs and more.

Instead, why not think outside the box and add some curved design elements to your interior design plan?

Straight edges make a room seem clean and organized, but mixing in some curved contours can take away a feeling of austerity. You can really make a statement by mixing the soft lines of curved elements with the strong lines of straight elements. It may be bold, but it’s worth it!

A living room design softened by rounded contours. Shown with Silhouette window shadings, available at Read Design
Mixing straight lines with curved contours softens your interior design.


An occasional chair with curved back. Shown with Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds, available at Read Design
Rounded shapes add a sense of flexibility, grace, joyfulness, and luxury.

Consider all rounded shapes, such as circles, ovals, arcs, bows, ellipses, half moons and even helixes and amoeba profiles. These softer shapes will add a sense of flexibility, grace, joyfulness, and luxury to your home. And they add a natural, organic feel since many elements in nature have rounded edges.Research even shows that we appreciate the look of curved surfaces. According to, people are far more likely to call a room beautiful when its design is round instead of square. Apparently, it’s hard-wired into our brains! And part of the reason we prefer curves is because they signal a feeling of safety.


Many elements in your home lend themselves to curved edges, including:
– Tables
– Sofas and ottomans
– Chairs
– Mirrors and other wall art
– Rugs
– Tile patterns
– Outdoor decks, porches and walkways
– Stenciled patterns on walls and ceilings
– Even curved walls, vaulted ceilings, and arched doorways
Take a swerve this season and add some curved design elements to your home. Give us a call at Read Design
A kitchen with arched doorway. Shown with Parkland® Classics™ Wood Blinds, available at Read Design