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Boost Your Mood with Comfort Décor

Comfort Decor in Dallas


With all the challenges of this past year, many of us are embracing our home décor with a newfound passion and are focusing on the types of items that make us feel good inside.

In addition to plush, cozy furnishings, many of us are choosing décor that exudes feelings of nostalgia or makes us feel connected with nature.

Here are just a few home décor ideas that will help comfort you throughout the season:

  • Vintage Pieces
    Whether it’s your grandmother’s needlepoint or your Aunt Norma’s vintage typewriter, pull out a few family heirlooms to evoke fond memories.
  • Photos
    Rekindle life’s precious moments by displaying photos from childhood or your favorite family vacations.


A living room with vintage leather chairs and a plush sheepskin rug.
Plush, cozy furnishings and vintage pieces can add comfort to a room.


More ideas to consider:

  • Natural Elements
    Accessorize with plants, flowers or other elements from the outdoors, like leaves, branches and berries, to help reduce stress and improve your mood.
  • Homemade Décor
    Spend quality time with your loved ones by engaging in a fun DIY project together — build a bookcase, paint stones or make a gingerbread house.

A room with vase and natural leaves as decor

Adding natural elements to your decor can help reduce stress and improve your mood.


Additional ideas are:

  • Blues
    Incorporate warm, calming shades of blues, grays or other soft neutrals into your furnishings, pillows, tableware or window treatments.
  • Decked-out front door
    What better way to express your holiday spirit while staying in — decorate your front door with lights, a garland or a homemade wreath.
  • Window Coverings
    Pirouette and Silhouette Shades from Hunter Douglas softly filter light creating a cozy and comfortable environment.

If you noticed holiday decorations much earlier this year, you’re not alone. And expect to see them long after the holidays are over.

This season is not about following traditional rules. It’s about creating an atmosphere that brings you comfort and makes you feel your very best.

A living room with furnishings in shades of blue.
Add blues to your decor to create a calming effect.