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plantation shutters in Southlake, TX

Trends are things that often come and go, but when you want to make changes to your home, you don’t want to do something that is out of style already—or something that will soon go out of style. There are some things that are easy to change and you can make adjustments when styles change. There are other things that you want to go with classic items because they are on trend now and won’t go out of style later on, either, like plantation shutters in Southlake, TX. Here are some of the current trends to consider for your home.

Abstract Wallpaper Options

Wallpaper isn’t all that popular any longer, though it used to be all the rage. If you are going to do wallpaper or even a border, it’s a good idea to get something abstract in design. Or, you could use paint and create your own abstract art on the walls if you feel confident enough to do that. Abstract wallpaper is very modern and can add a pop of color and interest to the space. Make sure the wallpaper goes well with your style as you can’t easily take it back down.

Repurposed Belongings

Recycling is huge and there are tons of things you can do with old belongings to make them new again. You can make wind chimes out of silverware, for example, and a lamp out of an old trophy. Take a close look at old things before you get rid of them and see if you can use them somewhere else and in a different way.

Modern Technology

Technology is always a good idea to add wherever you can. You could, for example, get shades or blinds that can be raised and lowered with a button. Motorized options are modern and advanced and they can help you to add a little extra something to your home. There are plenty of other technological advancements you can place within your home, like heated flooring in the bathroom and other such things.

Stone And Wood Tones

Natural elements are huge right now. Anywhere you can add stone or wood tones to the house, you might want to consider it. You can place wood floors or flooring that looks like wood and useplantation shutters in Southlake, TX stone for the countertops. There are wood window coverings to consider and stone backsplashes. Any time you are replacing a material, consider stone or wood for the style and the natural look, and because it is on trend right now.

New Neutrals

White is always going to be a popular neutral, but today, gray has become the new white in some areas of the home, like in the kitchen.

Permanent Fixtures

There are some things that are easy to change, like wall paint colors, but permanent fixtures are a good thing to add to a home as well. Things like plantation shutters, which are placed over the windows and kept long-term, are valuable. They add insulation to the home as well, which helps with energy efficiency. Check into plantation shutters in Southlake, TX.